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Skinny Minnie

Look at that little waist.

Our baby girl had such a tiny waist when we first got her. Barely any meat on her bones and a cough that could make anyone weepie. But guess what? She was not as quiet and calm as we thought. She was just that sick. The liquid antibiotic in chicken flavor did the trick! She loved it. Even licking the dispenser after each dose. Plus, the nice vet lady said only two doses a day and not to give her the cough medicine. She wanted Teyla to be able to cough up what was in her lungs and the cough medicine would suppress it and make it stick around longer.

Her energy picked up more than we could have ever dreamed of. Her puppy mentality finally came out. She began playing more, and she decided she didn’t like the crate so much anymore. Although warm and cozy, it was lonely.

We found out tug-o-war was her favorite game. And she was strong!  She has some tiny little pointy sharp teeths, and she liked chewing on stuff, mostly our hands. She still slept a ton, about 20 hours a day. Which is a bit more than a five month old puppy should sleep (about 18 hours) but she was still sick.

Our little Teyla still has the major runny nose, but the cough was almost all gone, except when she got a little too excited, or worn out. And sometimes when she’s sleeping, she wakes herself up with a coughing fit, super sad, and her sneezing is getting better, but more stuff seems to be coming along with those sneezes, which actually is a good thing because it means she is getting better. We are happy parents!


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Sick and Underweight

Our little Teyla butt was underweight and very sick. Attempting to get her three times daily dosage of antibiotics  and cough medicine was not going over well, the dad could do it, for the most part, but she was not getting what she needed to make sure she would get better if she could.

She weighed about 20 pounds, and you could see her ribs very well. She had the worst icky runny nose, and a cough that would make our lungs hurt. Her energy was nonexistent. She walked very slowly. She never barked, barely whined while in her crate, and went in with barely a nudge.

I did not like that vet man and how fresh he got with my end :/

I went to the Google to find out if our baby girl was super sick and if she could better. Since the vet said she might have distemper, I was extremely worried about the health of our little puppy. Hubby was really worried too. We both thought she may not make it, which was something neither of us had ever thought about. She still wasn’t eating, and the few antibiotics we could get into her weren’t helping her mood. She was still sleeping all day and all night. Crate training was going well, since she loved sleeping in a nice warm bed and she was so quiet.

So on Wednesday I took our baby back to where we got her and asked them for help. The nice vet lady was super awesome. I told her the man vet said she might have distemper or kennel cough. She told me they hadn’t have distemper in so many years she couldn’t even remember, and that she had kennel cough.

I told her that Teyla would not take the pills. I also told her that the other vet said to give her cough medicine and the secretary at the other vet said they didn’t make liquid antibiotics….Lady vet told me of course they do, would I like chicken flavored liquid antibiotics given twice a day? Ummmm, YES PLEASE! THANK YOU!


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Sick Puppy

As it turned out, our little Teyla was really sick! The Humane Society wasn’t open to seeing visitors the Monday after we got our little girl, but they did give us a coupon for a free vet visit to a list of great vets in our area. So, since little girl was super sleepy and didn’t eat or drink anything for the first couple days, I made an appointment with my friends vet (she works as a vet tech there). We took a drive all the way across town to find out what our little one had and how to make her better.

The nice vet man took a look at her, checked her ears, her nose, and even her little hiney. She was not a fan. He said that she either has kennel cough or distemper. But definitely not parvo. This was very worrisome because if she had distemper, chances were she would not survive. He gave us a cough syrup and antibiotic pills. She was very upset when taking the first pill he gave her, it did not go well.

We got home and slept all day, and when it was time to take her next pill, she was not having any of it! The little pill popper treats were not to her liking. The little bits of baby wieners were delicious, but she could pick out the pill and spit it out. We finally got a pill down and her cough medicine and she slept some more, still didn’t eat.

Finally, we picked up some wet dog food and some baby food in jars, and she did eat. When we put pills in her food, she was also not having it. She would eat every scrap of food around the pill and skip the pill……grrr, aggravation rose! Desperation began. I went to the store and got a pill popper, which is a little plastic tube like contraption that dispenses the pill down the throat of the animal. Hubby held her, and I used the pill popper to get the pill down that picky little throat…we held her mouth closed and stroked her throat until she swallowed a few times…success? Not even close. We let her loose, and thought we had done the job, but then she shook her head and the pill flew out across the room. Damn! That night we eventually got her to take her pill, but it was not an easy task. I even tried crushing up the pill and putting it in tuna fish ( I had read somewhere online that this could work), it didn’t work!

To be continued…

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How it all started

Let’s be honest about this. I am a dog person. I have always had dogs. I have had my variety of dogs throughout my life. I have had mutts, and pure breeds, I have paid for dogs, and gotten dogs for free. I have lost dogs to illness, injury, and even poison. I even had a dog named Toto, who was a direct decendant of the two dogs used in the famous movie “The Wizard of Oz” (they used two dogs because boy dogs can do tricks girls dogs can’t and vise-versa, and those two dogs had some fun lol).

Now dear hubby, has never owned a dog in his entire life. He has had cats, and even a rabbit, but never a dog. But when we were at his old rental house, there was a beagle puppy whose owner would walk by everyday, and this dog was SO adorable. I figured that one day, I would convince hubby that getting a dog was a good idea. He is a huge animal lover, so it made me wonder why he never wanted a dog. So I started hinting to him about beagles and that he needed one! Then, when we found our dream home, and it had a 20 foot by 30 foot dog run, I told him “See, this means we HAVE to get a dog!”.

We moved into our house in mid March 2011, about a month after hubby asked me to be his wife. We had made the decision that we would begin actively looking for a beagle puppy in the spring of 2012, but if either of us came across one we couldn’t pass up, we were to get it, and make it ours. We were married in early October, and only two weeks later, I awoke to a text from the father-in-law. He was at the fair and they had a cute little adoption fair going on and there was the sweetest little beagle, and father-in-law had to take a picture and send it to us. We both fell in LOVE instantly. She had the sweetest face and looked so calm.

Later that day, while I was at work, hubby had gone to the adoption place to find out more about her. Apparently, she was about 5 months old, and they had her for about 10 days, and they had never heard her bark. Hubby said she was the calmest, sweetest dog, and asked me if I wanted him to get her. I checked the bank account, and the answer was YES! We used our last bit of cash until pay day to bring this sweet little thing home. I sent hubby to the store to buy a dog bed, dog food, some toys, and a crate. Then hubby brought her to my work so I could meet her, and OMG, she was the best little thing I had ever met. So sweet, shivering as she laid in my lap while I ate.

On my way home, I had to stop for a crate because hubby didn’t know what to buy (being that he had never had a dog before). I couldn’t wait to get home and spend the next couple days with her.

She had already been fixed, microchiped, and had her first shots. She was ready to be a family love pup!

When I got home, she was sleeping, and had been sleeping most of the day. She was so skinny and so cuddly. She loved to be wrapped up in a blanket to keep warm. She was our very own cuddle bug.


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Meet Teyla

Hello all,

I'm Cute!

After only two weeks of marriage, we decided to adopt a new puppy. Her name was Fiona, but since we are fans of Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, and of course Stargate Universe, we decided that any girl dog we got would be named Teyla, after Teyla Emmagan from Atlantis.

Our family consists of 2 humans, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 4 fish. We are a household of fun-loving funny creatures.

Over the next few weeks, we will tell you about our experience, and getting to know our little baby.

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