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Santa Paws

So Christmas is coming, and my mom went shopping….you know what that means, right?

An outfit! Dad was none too happy with either, but I told him to humor mom, because she likes this kind of thing, and all she really wants is a few good photos, you know like people do with there kids taking embarassing pictures to show to future significant others. So here ya go, a few Santa Paws pics. Happy Holidays 🙂

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Good Pup and Good Health

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving, and I am all done with my meds and my semi quarantine. Since I had kennel cough, I wasn’t allowed to go out where other dogs could go so other dogs wouldn’t get sick. I had another vet appointment a couple weeks ago to get my booster shots done. I was such a good girl. I went right in with the lady and was so good. Mom said I couldn’t go out in the front yard until Thanksgiving, nor could I go meet this Max guy they keep telling me about.

Also, guess what? I now weigh a whopping 30 pounds! I eat all my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I still love to play tug-o-war. But also, I really love to kill all my little stuffed animals mom and dad bring home for me.

It’s those darn squeakers, I just love to get them and pull them out, and since I have such sharp glorious teeth, I can get through even the toughest of toys. Mom bought me a toy dragon that had a label that said “Made for Strong Chewers” PSH! I had the ear ripped open in a matter of minutes, and I got the squeaker out by bed time.

He's my first love

So far, I have had gone through many babies. Mom started me out with a cute little tiger, who was most favoritest and my best friend while I was sick, he was always there for me and let me drool and sneeze all over him. Once I was all better, he also let me tear him to shreds. It started with the stuffing, and now he is just a shell of a creature.

Next, dad bought me a gorilla, who was so cute and black, and was such a great little friend until I tore him to bits in a few days, all that remains is a shell.

My other true love

Then mom bought that dragon with tough fabric, and you already know about that one.

I also had one of those wiener dog loufra toys in there at one point, and there is pretty much nothing left of that one, and he had TWO squeakers! Of course I had to get those out real quick.

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The Baby

This toy here, is a great toy for puppies, except that it could get destroyed pretty quickly, either by puppy or by mom and dad. See, this is the one toy that is still perfectly intact. Want to know why? Well, it squeaks, a lot. It is currently living in the dad’s chair hidden in the cushions because it squeaks, a lot, and very loudly, and constantly when the Teyla butt is playing with it. It comes out ones every couple weeks, which means she has only played with it a few times. We have since decided to limit the squeaking toys, we know how much she loves them, but we also worry about her killing too many toys, not so much worried about our pocket books, but the fact is, she eats what she kills, stuffing, shell, little bits of rope, toilet paper, whatever she can get those shiny sharp pearly whites on. But tell me this, isn’t this the face of an angel?

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New Bed!

My mom brought me home a HUGE present today! OMG, it is so purdy and colorful, and I love it!

First, she thought she could coax me into that outdoor thing she calls a dog house, psh…I have a dog house, it has four bedrooms and lots of windows and stairs. She’s crazy if she thinks I’m going in that little thing!

Anyway, mom’s mom gave me this beautiful pillow, and here I am checking it out.

Tastes good!

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I Tug You Tug 2

Here is a video of us playing tug-o-war


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I Tug, You Tug too, pretty pwease

My favorite game is tug-o-war, let me show you;


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