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I get it…

Here is a picture of our Teyla girl playing sneak attack on one of her Christmas treats. She likes to jump around the toy, roll around on top of it and then pounce on it.

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A Stocking for Me?

Can I has that?

Here I am begging dad for my bag-o-treats on Christmas!



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They Say It’s Christmas


I don’t really know what this Christmas is, I have never heard of this

The full one on the right is mine 🙂

before, but I guess it means I get lots of new toys to kill.

I got this thing called a stocking, but they wouldn’t let me touch it, but it was full of some yummy stuff, and it was ALL for me! The kitteh’s got one too, I don’t understand that. Plus, mom and dad get mad at me when I try to eat the kitteh’s yummy new stuff, I figure, if it’s where I can get it, then it’s mine, right? Well they so no.

So I got these yummy treats, one even looked like the thing in the front room, but I was allowed to eat this one. I got LOTS of new stuffies with squeakies. I got one they called Woodstock, man he is so yummy!

They also gave me some yummy food for dinner, usually I get the hard stuff, but this was all wet and delicious! I remember it from when I was sick, but I gobbled it all down and felt so lazy and full. Now, it’s nap time, night all, and happy holidays.

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My Favorite Past Time

See this here, this is all about stealing that nice warm spot vacated by my humans tushies. This particular time, it was mom’s tushy who pre-heated my new bed spot. Also, I think that blanket might become another one of mine 😉

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Gotta Love Me!

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Santa Claws

We forgot to mention that mom also tried to put my Santa suite on Sir Leon, he wasn’t having it, so she just draped it over him and we took a picture; doesn’t he look so cute? I really want him to be my bestest friend, hopefully someday.

Leon as Santa Claws

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Grandpaw’s Birthday

My Grandpaw’s birthday is right around Thanksgiving, and we took the hour drive down to visit and me my uncle Max. The drive was not my favorite; even though mom and dad brought my blanket, my toys, and some of my favorite treats, all I wanted to do was whine, and try to get in the front seat, because don’t you all know that is where us doggies go best?

Meet Uncle Max, isn't he purdy?

We FINALLY got to Grandpaw and Grandmeow’s house, and I got to meet my uncle Max. Grandpaw and Grandmeow are great people, but I LOVED uncle Max. He likes to chase me and lets me chase him. We shared toys, well ok, we stole the toys from each other. And the best part about uncle Max, he lets me clean his teeth for him. I think I am in love!

We got to run around the house, and I even got to chase the kittehs. That was super duper fun. Mom and Dad thought  I also learned how to use uncle Max’s dog door. But the sad thing is that I am not allowed to go outside by myself out side the enclosure because Grandpaw and Grandmeow’s yard is not fenced in. Uncle Max does really well because it’s his home, but since I am so young, and haven’t been there before, I can’t go galavanting around the yard, especially after dark.

I would wear myself out and sleep all the way home….teehee, they were so very wrong. But guess what? Dad sat in the back seat the whole way home with me. It helped a lot with my nervous car riding. Mostly because I felt like I wasn’t alone, and his lap is super warm.

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