Romancing the KONG

12 Jan

I am Queen Kong!

Oh yes, one of the best toys we have discovered in our journey with a very chewable puppy is the KONG. The KONG comes in many different styles (as demonstrated HERE). They have red KONGs that are pretty good for the average chewer, but the black KONG is all about the pup who can chew the mostest. We have had it for a couple months meow, and it barely even has a scratch. These things are amazing!

When I first got this toy, I thought it was only for treats to entertain the dog for a while, but then I found out through a fellow blogger who posted THIS. I learned about putting food into the KONG in order to tempt the dog as well as feed the dog.

Now, in the morning we put kibble in her KONG and give it to her. She is able to play with it for a while. I love that it gives her a way to distract from whining when we leave the room, which is somewhat a problem. Sometimes she will play with the KONG get the food out and then go finish her breakfast from her bowl and then go lay day for her morning nap, other times, she will play with it and then whine, but the whining is getting better, still working on it, but it has gotten a bit less than before.

I have also taken to adding a treat she cannot get out very easily with the kibble around it. She is still a bit of a beginner at the KONG, but she is quickly becoming an old paw and it 😉


I think I will be doing the filling of the KONG with peanut butter and food during the summer when it’s warmer and we leave her outside alone more often. Right now, she goes outside with us and comes back inside with us, and does not enjoy being out there without us for any length of time. I will freeze it so it will take longer to eat and maybe she will get used to being outside a bit more without us.

Gotta Get It


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3 responses to “Romancing the KONG

  1. Aleksandra

    February 1, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Fantastic! So glad my ideas are working. Some dogs don’t want to work for their food if it’s ALSO available in a bowl, so if you find that problem, you may consider feeding her ONLY in her kong (and other food puzzles). She may need multiple small meals a day instead of just two bigger ones, but that’s not a bad thing — it’s more brain exercise for her!

  2. Teyla Mom

    February 2, 2012 at 3:29 am

    What we do is pour her some food in her bowl, then fill the kong with the food from the bowl. She always goes for the kong first. She loves working for her food and gets super excited when I bring it out.
    Sometimes, if there’s still food in her bowl, I fill the kong again, and still, she goes for the kong rather than the bowl. She’s a beagle mixed with dachshund and the beagle in her loves the hunting part of eating 🙂
    I have thought about feeding her only with the puzzles, but she doesn’t seem to eat too quickly or over eat, and since she always goes for the kong every time, it works….for now 🙂


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