Winter Wonderpaw

01 Feb

These are not the treats you are looking for

We live in a state that has snow, actually, we live in the state with “the greatest snow on earth”. So we have taught our little Teyla butt to wipe her feet! While she hasn’t quite got the movement yet (except when she’s outside on the grass), she does go sit on the rug.

When it is not actively raining or snowing, we just wipe her paws for her on the mat by the door. When it is raining or snowing, we wipe her paws with a towel as well as her entire body. We do this for a couple reasons;

1. We don’t want her to smell like wet dog, and it helps with that.

2. We don’t want our hard wood floors to be covered in little foot prints.

3. We don’t want our furniture to be wet.

She doesn’t mind a single bit either. She actually lifts each paw so we can dry it.

Don't forget the back paws dad!

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