Time Out

14 Mar

We have begun implementing a time out program in our house. When the Teyla monster is being naughty, i.e. pouncing on us or chewing on our hands, or even demanding our attention, she goes into the room just off the living room, which has been baby gated. This room is visible from only the stairs, she can look out at the stairs and the bathroom, but she cannot see us if we are in the living room.

She is hiding under the bed

Here’s the thing, she is very smart, but we are so much smarter ;), let me explain, she goes into her time out room and hides under the bed, whining a bit, but mostly she hides in there quietly, thinking that if she is hidden, and quiet, we will go in there looking for her and leave the gate open in order for her to sneak out, but we are too smart for that, we know her tricks 🙂

But, anyway, so far, time out is working well, she is learning to calm down a bit more, when she calms down, she can come out of time out. If she maintains her calmness, she can stay out of time out and spend time with us.

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