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Cuddle Time With Dad

Please disregard the Teyla evil eyes, mom had the flash on lol

Cuddle Time


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Winter Wonderpaw

These are not the treats you are looking for

We live in a state that has snow, actually, we live in the state with “the greatest snow on earth”. So we have taught our little Teyla butt to wipe her feet! While she hasn’t quite got the movement yet (except when she’s outside on the grass), she does go sit on the rug.

When it is not actively raining or snowing, we just wipe her paws for her on the mat by the door. When it is raining or snowing, we wipe her paws with a towel as well as her entire body. We do this for a couple reasons;

1. We don’t want her to smell like wet dog, and it helps with that.

2. We don’t want our hard wood floors to be covered in little foot prints.

3. We don’t want our furniture to be wet.

She doesn’t mind a single bit either. She actually lifts each paw so we can dry it.

Don't forget the back paws dad!

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3 Months of Forever

I thought I would tell you that I have been with my forever home for three months as of today.

When I first came here, I was really sick, and mom and dad were really worried about me. But I was so quiet and sweet, and so happy to be somewhere warm with people who would cuddle with me and wrap me in soft blankets. They gave me my own room with babies to sleep with and I loved it. They gave me some yummy medicine that made me feel so much better.

After I was all done being sick, mom and dad realized I am not all about quiet cuddles, but that I love to zoom around the house and backyard running like the wind. I LOVE to chase things they throw for me, and that sticks  are the best source of fiber.

That's him, isn't he dreamy?

I am in love with a ketteh named Leon, but he never lets me give him the kisses he so totally deserves. I love to sleep on any number of beds that strewn around the house for me, and if a bed is not in the room I want to be in, I bring it in.

Mom and dad have taught me so many things so far. I have learned to wipe my feet when I come inside, well ok, I don’t actually move my feet like they do, except outside after I pee, but I go sit on the rug, and they wipe my feet for me. I guess I have taught them something instead HAHA!

I have learned the words no, sit, dinner, breakfast, night night, do you want this, and go get…, I am still working on lay down and shake. And mom and dad say I need to stop destroying things that don’t belong to me. I guess it is my way of getting attention, or something, could be anxiety, but I don’t know what that means.

I still have so much to learn, but the best thing I have learned in the last 3 months is that I am loved, safe, and warm.


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Romancing the KONG

I am Queen Kong!

Oh yes, one of the best toys we have discovered in our journey with a very chewable puppy is the KONG. The KONG comes in many different styles (as demonstrated HERE). They have red KONGs that are pretty good for the average chewer, but the black KONG is all about the pup who can chew the mostest. We have had it for a couple months meow, and it barely even has a scratch. These things are amazing!

When I first got this toy, I thought it was only for treats to entertain the dog for a while, but then I found out through a fellow blogger who posted THIS. I learned about putting food into the KONG in order to tempt the dog as well as feed the dog.

Now, in the morning we put kibble in her KONG and give it to her. She is able to play with it for a while. I love that it gives her a way to distract from whining when we leave the room, which is somewhat a problem. Sometimes she will play with the KONG get the food out and then go finish her breakfast from her bowl and then go lay day for her morning nap, other times, she will play with it and then whine, but the whining is getting better, still working on it, but it has gotten a bit less than before.

I have also taken to adding a treat she cannot get out very easily with the kibble around it. She is still a bit of a beginner at the KONG, but she is quickly becoming an old paw and it 😉


I think I will be doing the filling of the KONG with peanut butter and food during the summer when it’s warmer and we leave her outside alone more often. Right now, she goes outside with us and comes back inside with us, and does not enjoy being out there without us for any length of time. I will freeze it so it will take longer to eat and maybe she will get used to being outside a bit more without us.

Gotta Get It


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They Say It’s Christmas


I don’t really know what this Christmas is, I have never heard of this

The full one on the right is mine 🙂

before, but I guess it means I get lots of new toys to kill.

I got this thing called a stocking, but they wouldn’t let me touch it, but it was full of some yummy stuff, and it was ALL for me! The kitteh’s got one too, I don’t understand that. Plus, mom and dad get mad at me when I try to eat the kitteh’s yummy new stuff, I figure, if it’s where I can get it, then it’s mine, right? Well they so no.

So I got these yummy treats, one even looked like the thing in the front room, but I was allowed to eat this one. I got LOTS of new stuffies with squeakies. I got one they called Woodstock, man he is so yummy!

They also gave me some yummy food for dinner, usually I get the hard stuff, but this was all wet and delicious! I remember it from when I was sick, but I gobbled it all down and felt so lazy and full. Now, it’s nap time, night all, and happy holidays.

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Gotta Love Me!

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Santa Claws

We forgot to mention that mom also tried to put my Santa suite on Sir Leon, he wasn’t having it, so she just draped it over him and we took a picture; doesn’t he look so cute? I really want him to be my bestest friend, hopefully someday.

Leon as Santa Claws

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