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I get it…

Here is a picture of our Teyla girl playing sneak attack on one of her Christmas treats. She likes to jump around the toy, roll around on top of it and then pounce on it.

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The Baby

This toy here, is a great toy for puppies, except that it could get destroyed pretty quickly, either by puppy or by mom and dad. See, this is the one toy that is still perfectly intact. Want to know why? Well, it squeaks, a lot. It is currently living in the dad’s chair hidden in the cushions because it squeaks, a lot, and very loudly, and constantly when the Teyla butt is playing with it. It comes out ones every couple weeks, which means she has only played with it a few times. We have since decided to limit the squeaking toys, we know how much she loves them, but we also worry about her killing too many toys, not so much worried about our pocket books, but the fact is, she eats what she kills, stuffing, shell, little bits of rope, toilet paper, whatever she can get those shiny sharp pearly whites on. But tell me this, isn’t this the face of an angel?

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I Tug You Tug 2

Here is a video of us playing tug-o-war


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