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I Tug You Tug 2

Here is a video of us playing tug-o-war


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Skinny Minnie

Look at that little waist.

Our baby girl had such a tiny waist when we first got her. Barely any meat on her bones and a cough that could make anyone weepie. But guess what? She was not as quiet and calm as we thought. She was just that sick. The liquid antibiotic in chicken flavor did the trick! She loved it. Even licking the dispenser after each dose. Plus, the nice vet lady said only two doses a day and not to give her the cough medicine. She wanted Teyla to be able to cough up what was in her lungs and the cough medicine would suppress it and make it stick around longer.

Her energy picked up more than we could have ever dreamed of. Her puppy mentality finally came out. She began playing more, and she decided she didn’t like the crate so much anymore. Although warm and cozy, it was lonely.

We found out tug-o-war was her favorite game. And she was strong!  She has some tiny little pointy sharp teeths, and she liked chewing on stuff, mostly our hands. She still slept a ton, about 20 hours a day. Which is a bit more than a five month old puppy should sleep (about 18 hours) but she was still sick.

Our little Teyla still has the major runny nose, but the cough was almost all gone, except when she got a little too excited, or worn out. And sometimes when she’s sleeping, she wakes herself up with a coughing fit, super sad, and her sneezing is getting better, but more stuff seems to be coming along with those sneezes, which actually is a good thing because it means she is getting better. We are happy parents!


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Meet Teyla

Hello all,

I'm Cute!

After only two weeks of marriage, we decided to adopt a new puppy. Her name was Fiona, but since we are fans of Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, and of course Stargate Universe, we decided that any girl dog we got would be named Teyla, after Teyla Emmagan from Atlantis.

Our family consists of 2 humans, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 4 fish. We are a household of fun-loving funny creatures.

Over the next few weeks, we will tell you about our experience, and getting to know our little baby.

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