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Teyla’s Kong Wobbler

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A Day In The Life of a Teyla

Here is a normal day; if dad works from home and mom goes to work.

10:00 AM-Wake up, bow to the world. I love to sleep in, and do not like to get up earlier than that.

10:03 AM-Attack the dad with my specialized sneak attack move; dad hides under the covers, I wiggle under to put my cold wet nose all over his face and chest and my favorite is when I get his armpit.

10:10 AM-Outside to greet the morning and water the grass and the other thing.

Helping the Grass Grow

10:14 AM-Wipe My Feet 

10:20 AM- Get my breakfast in my KONG, then the rest from the bowl, I always leave a bit so I can have another KONG or a mid morning snack.

10:40 AM-Whine at mom because she is in the kitchen making food before work.

10:45 AM- It’s either back to bed with dad either in the bed if he’s still in bed or in his office. If he’s in his office, I drag my blanket in there with him.

11:15 AM- Chew on my bed or blanket, or even go through dad’s trash can, that’s always fun and interesting.

11:30 AM- Bug dad while on a conference call, beg whine, jump on his lap, basically try to get him to look at me. Or watch what he’s doing.

12:00 PM- Lunch time, for dad anyway. I usually go water the grass again and get a stick.

12:05 PM- It’s nap time in the living room, this is when I get my pick of either the couch, dad’s chair, the ottoman, or my bed.

2:00 PM- Whine for dad to let me outside to water the grass and kill some evil sticks. Do some running of the fluffaloes, also known as zoomies, or even the rips (meaning ripping through the yard like a mad thing).


2:08 PM- Wipe my feet.

2:10 PM- Back to nap time in the office with dad, after chasing the kittehs under the bed.

3:30 PM-Mom shows up in a square little box dad calls his EEE Pad, whatever the heck that is.

3:45 PM-Nap time in the living room, I love choosing a bed to sleep on in there.

5:00 PM- Water time, the other thing, and more zoomies and stick killing.

5:08 PM-Wipe my feet.

5:09 PM- Tricks with dad for treats.

5:10 PM- Play time with dad. Play fetch, I try to get him to play Tug-o-War, but they don’t like it so much, they say I growl too much and get too rowdy, and that I get my teeths too close to their hands, and apparently they don’t like that…what do they know!

6:00 PM- Aw, nap time again!

7:00 PM-Find something to chew on.

I love me a nylabone

8:00 PM- MOM’s HOME! YAY!

8:03 PM- Scream at the top of my lungs and jump around like a mad thing, it’s hyper time! MOM’S HOME, MOM’S HOME, MOM’S HOME!

8:05 PM- Mom gives me treats when I sit, and lay down, and when I get down when I jump up, I love getting food!

8:20 PM- Dinner KONG! I love the dinner KONG cuz mom fills it up twice before leaving my to my bowl, and sometimes, they even let me lick their plates, but only if it’s safe.

8:30 PM- Water the grass, kill the sticks, zoom zoom zoom.

8:29 PM- Wipe my feet.

9:00 PM- After dinner nap on mom’s lap.

9:45 PM- Outside again, for the other thing!

10:00 PM- Play time with mom, fetch, fetch, fetch, fetch, fetch, fetch, fetch, fetch, fetch, etc.

11:00 PM- Water the grass, kill some sticks.

11:09 PM- Wipe my feet.

11:10 PM- Chase the kittehs.

Nappy Time

11:13 PM- Nap time on my living room bed or the ottoman.

11:59 PM- Growl at kittehs on other side of baby gate, whine and whimper, I want those kittehs!

12:07 PM- Pout for kittehs while laying on my bed.

12:30 PM-Water the grass.

12:39 PM- Wipe my feet

12:40 PM- Decide which is better Chase the kittehs, or get the treat!

12:41 PM- Get the treat 🙂

12:42 PM- Chase the kittehs.

12:42:30 PM- Run into kennel and wait for chew stick; it’s night night time 🙂

12:45 PM- Rearrange bedding to get comfy.

12:48 PM- Sigh loudly that I am not on the bed, knaw on KONG Bone.

1:00 PM- Out like the light.

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Winter Wonderpaw

These are not the treats you are looking for

We live in a state that has snow, actually, we live in the state with “the greatest snow on earth”. So we have taught our little Teyla butt to wipe her feet! While she hasn’t quite got the movement yet (except when she’s outside on the grass), she does go sit on the rug.

When it is not actively raining or snowing, we just wipe her paws for her on the mat by the door. When it is raining or snowing, we wipe her paws with a towel as well as her entire body. We do this for a couple reasons;

1. We don’t want her to smell like wet dog, and it helps with that.

2. We don’t want our hard wood floors to be covered in little foot prints.

3. We don’t want our furniture to be wet.

She doesn’t mind a single bit either. She actually lifts each paw so we can dry it.

Don't forget the back paws dad!

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Romancing the KONG

I am Queen Kong!

Oh yes, one of the best toys we have discovered in our journey with a very chewable puppy is the KONG. The KONG comes in many different styles (as demonstrated HERE). They have red KONGs that are pretty good for the average chewer, but the black KONG is all about the pup who can chew the mostest. We have had it for a couple months meow, and it barely even has a scratch. These things are amazing!

When I first got this toy, I thought it was only for treats to entertain the dog for a while, but then I found out through a fellow blogger who posted THIS. I learned about putting food into the KONG in order to tempt the dog as well as feed the dog.

Now, in the morning we put kibble in her KONG and give it to her. She is able to play with it for a while. I love that it gives her a way to distract from whining when we leave the room, which is somewhat a problem. Sometimes she will play with the KONG get the food out and then go finish her breakfast from her bowl and then go lay day for her morning nap, other times, she will play with it and then whine, but the whining is getting better, still working on it, but it has gotten a bit less than before.

I have also taken to adding a treat she cannot get out very easily with the kibble around it. She is still a bit of a beginner at the KONG, but she is quickly becoming an old paw and it 😉


I think I will be doing the filling of the KONG with peanut butter and food during the summer when it’s warmer and we leave her outside alone more often. Right now, she goes outside with us and comes back inside with us, and does not enjoy being out there without us for any length of time. I will freeze it so it will take longer to eat and maybe she will get used to being outside a bit more without us.

Gotta Get It


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Sharing a Room

And another bed bites the dust

Now that Teyla is all crate trained, we all now share a room. When we first started crate training, we began the very first night in her new home, we started with her in the basement. I know, it sounds sad, but in order to minimize the risk of her whining convincing us to let her out.

Now, the first two weeks our little girl was sick so she went right into her kennel and barely made a sound. But then, the sickness ended, and the whining began. After her sickness was gone, she upgraded her crate room to  our family room another floor up. This was good because she was able to get used to the crate being her space and that she could check it out on her own. We could hear her whine a bit more at night, but it didn’t last that long, she began loving her crate a bit more. Every morning when we let her out she would grab her baby before running out of it.

She slept in her crate for about a month before moving up another level in the house to the living room, where she lasted only a couple weeks before she never whined a tiny bit and slept through the night. Then she got the MAJOR upgrade to the top floor, in our bedroom, next to our bed.

Our nightly routine consists of getting her baby and her bone and her blanket, and we don’t even have to say “night night” every time any more, she just runs into the room, climb in her kennel and turns around sticking her head out and waiting for us to give us her stuff.

We kiss her and tell her good night, close the door, and drape the towel over her to ensure she can’t be disturbed by the t.v. or the kitties, who by the way, know when she is in there and immediately come out and sometimes even sniff around her kennel, because they know it’s safe.


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What’s In a Name?

I am dog that goes by many names, mostly my mom calls me silly names like pookey, and monkey, and darling.

But my name is Teyla, Teyla No, Teyla Down, Teyla Butt, and Teyla Monster. I have noticed a pattern of when they call me Teyla Monster, usually when I have done something they think is wrong, like eating my own bed, or mom’s pants.

I think my other name is drop it, but I just look at them all confused like because I don’t know if that’s my name or not.

I am named after something mom and dad watch on the wall. It’s called Stargate: Atlantis, and the lady’s name is Teyla and she is an alien from another planet, but I look a lot like her.

What do you think?

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Puppy New Year

We slept in so late today, last night was so much fun. My mom and dad said it was New Year’s, and they had people over to celebrate, I knew they were all just here to see me, because who can resist this cute mug?

I was allowed to run around and kiss everyone and jump up and down and bringing people my new toys to throw for me. Mom and dad say we need to work on my jumping, but I think I am an excellent jumper, I don’t need to work on anything, well ok, maybe I need to work on jumping high enough to lick their faces, but that’s about it.

Mom and dad also say I am such a wonderful little doggie because I LOVE to sleep in, and since we didn’t get to bed at our normal bed time we slept late today. And, when we woke up I remembered we had a house guest. Dad’s sister who mom calls sister soldier. It was so nice to cuddle on her feet all day while they watched the wall all day. Who knows why they like to watch the wall, but they do 🙂

Mom says we have New Years resolutions this year, something about learning to not kill things that aren’t mine, and once again the jumping thing.

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