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Time Out

We have begun implementing a time out program in our house. When the Teyla monster is being naughty, i.e. pouncing on us or chewing on our hands, or even demanding our attention, she goes into the room just off the living room, which has been baby gated. This room is visible from only the stairs, she can look out at the stairs and the bathroom, but she cannot see us if we are in the living room.

She is hiding under the bed

Here’s the thing, she is very smart, but we are so much smarter ;), let me explain, she goes into her time out room and hides under the bed, whining a bit, but mostly she hides in there quietly, thinking that if she is hidden, and quiet, we will go in there looking for her and leave the gate open in order for her to sneak out, but we are too smart for that, we know her tricks 🙂

But, anyway, so far, time out is working well, she is learning to calm down a bit more, when she calms down, she can come out of time out. If she maintains her calmness, she can stay out of time out and spend time with us.

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3 Months of Forever

I thought I would tell you that I have been with my forever home for three months as of today.

When I first came here, I was really sick, and mom and dad were really worried about me. But I was so quiet and sweet, and so happy to be somewhere warm with people who would cuddle with me and wrap me in soft blankets. They gave me my own room with babies to sleep with and I loved it. They gave me some yummy medicine that made me feel so much better.

After I was all done being sick, mom and dad realized I am not all about quiet cuddles, but that I love to zoom around the house and backyard running like the wind. I LOVE to chase things they throw for me, and that sticks  are the best source of fiber.

That's him, isn't he dreamy?

I am in love with a ketteh named Leon, but he never lets me give him the kisses he so totally deserves. I love to sleep on any number of beds that strewn around the house for me, and if a bed is not in the room I want to be in, I bring it in.

Mom and dad have taught me so many things so far. I have learned to wipe my feet when I come inside, well ok, I don’t actually move my feet like they do, except outside after I pee, but I go sit on the rug, and they wipe my feet for me. I guess I have taught them something instead HAHA!

I have learned the words no, sit, dinner, breakfast, night night, do you want this, and go get…, I am still working on lay down and shake. And mom and dad say I need to stop destroying things that don’t belong to me. I guess it is my way of getting attention, or something, could be anxiety, but I don’t know what that means.

I still have so much to learn, but the best thing I have learned in the last 3 months is that I am loved, safe, and warm.


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